Prototype product development

S. No.TitleDetailsStudent names
1Attendance AppThe objective of this project to maintain the attendance details of students.Shubham, Mohak, Rajat
2┬áBrainchant: one stop solution for B.Tech┬áStudentsBrainchant’s website,, serves as the central hub for accessing its innovative educational platform. Here, students can find a wealth of high-quality content, including interactive live sessions, video lectures, and detailed subject analyses. Through this platform, Brainchant addresses the pressing issue of unreliable educational resources, providing undergrad and postgrad students with a reliable and effective learning solution. With its freemium SaaS model, Brainchant offers both free and premium subscription options, ensuring accessibility for all learners. Led by CEO Ayush Garg and COO Mayank Nailwal, Brainchant is poised to transform the educational landscape with its commitment to quality, affordability, and┬áscalability.Ayush Garg, Ayush Saini, Aarti, Akansha Mittal
3Automated Solar TrackerNew solar tracker maximizes sunlight exposure with the help of LDR sensors operated by Arduino UNO and can be programmed using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).Syed Nameer Ibraheem, Afaque Ahmad, Md Zahin Ahmad, Parvesh Kumar
4Digital Government SchemeThis product aims to access the central and state schemes without going to the block office or district office by using an aadhar card.Diwakar Kumar, Vishesh, Gaurav
5TagGuardTagGuard is a comprehensive security system designed to protect Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology from cyber threats, utilizing advanced encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms. By integrating robust encryption algorithms, dynamic authentication protocols, and tamper-resistant tags, TagGuard enhances data security, user privacy, and resilience against unauthorized access in NFC and RFID systems.Akriti Ajit, Bhavya Malhotra, Manika
6KeyKatcher- The simplified keyloggerit’s a keylogger, once installed in a system, starts capturing all the keystrokes entered by any user. Later, those keystrokes are stored in a Txt file and are sent over in the mail to any specific email address. Also, after the mail is sent, the Txt file is deleted automatically. Hence, leaving no trace.Himank Jain, Shaurya Dhingra, Saksham Batra, Pratyaksh Khurana
7BusKaro“BusKaro!” is a Bus Tracking and Management System aimed at improving public transportation by providing real-time bus tracking, route information, and AI-driven assistance. Leveraging modern technologies, it enhances user experience, ensures route adherence, and contributes to more efficient and environmentally friendly travel.Ujjawal Sharma, Pratham Gupta, Ekta Bansal, Vasu Dandona
8Gesture ControlThis product aims to develop a robust and versatile gesture control library built using TensorFlow vision models. This library will serve as a valuable resource for developers looking to seamlessly integrate gesture-based interactions into their web applications. By offering a streamlined and customizable solution, it empowers developers to create immersive, interactive, and user-friendly web experiences.Rahul Paul, Akshat Gupta, Yash Bhardwaj
9Malware Detection & Analysis using AIThe main task is to distinguish malware present statically utilizing AI calculations with the assistance of the compact executable (PE file format).Kartik Malik, Manish Kumar, Mehul Kumar Soni, Radha Mukhraiya
10ConfManThe objective of this product to manage the conference details.Ankit Gaur, Akash Samal, Ramit Batra and Ayush Mangla